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Klopsztanga. Polen grenzenlos NRW:
Es ist Zeit für Turnschuhe! / It's time for sneakers!

20 April - 17 June, 2012

„It's time for sneakers!“ - With this at first sight surprising title the exhibition of Polish artists at Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund relates to the more recent Polish art history. It is this quote from a mid-aged generation that sets the level for the young artists' positions that set off dynamically to deal with the new challenges of media and history with gmynastic flexibility. Besides sculptural works there will be photography, video and installation on display. The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue giving an overview of the artistic production in in Poznan, Krakow, Lodz and Warszawa.
The show is curated by Marta Skłodowska, Elly Valk-Verheijen and Denise Winter

Opening on 20 April 2012

Participating artists:

Karolina Breguła - Warszawa
Monika Drożyńska  - Krakow
Jakub Jasiukiewicz - Poznan
Łukasz Jastrubczak - Krakow/Poznan
Katarzyna Krakowiak - Gdansk
Gizela Mickiewicz - Poznan
Anna Molska - Warszawa
Anna Orlikowska - Lodz
Mateusz Sadowski  - Poznan
Iza Tarasewicz - Bialystok
Monika Zawadzki - Warszawa

Karolina Breguła

The artist is interested in human beings within large communities and the relations between man and art. She focuses in particular on the subject of diversity and the tension field that is created when two different cultures meet.

Monika Drożyńska

Mam dosc. / I've had it.
Dirty and obscene graffities, inscripts found on walls, are embroidered on textile as a "winter activity" and presented in the embroidery hoop.

Jakub Jasiukiewicz

Within the real time video installation Canis Lupus by Jakub Jasiukiewicz, passersby morph into wolves on the screen that strangely stride along the sideway in an all human manner.

Łukasz Jastrubczak

The video work „Third Song About Triangles“ by Lukasz Jastrubczak is projected onto the wall by a dangling projector hanging from the ceiling. At the same time two dissimilar triangles can be seen to more or less successfully play their song on a keyboard.

Katarzyna Krakowiak

She works with sound in installations making extensive use of the internet and of mobile communication systems.

Gizela Mickiewicz

Action=Reaction. Within her drawings, Gizela Mickiewicz presents solutions of a very individual logic. When two rivers meet, there has to be a bridge somewhere.

Anna Molska

Anna Molska is showing a double projection:  P=W:t (power) 2007-2008 / W= F*s (works) 2008. These formulae can be translated as "Power equals work devided by time" and "Work equals force times displacement".
"I am particularly interested in the phenomenon of the working class, in the power of the working class and its collective action."

Anna Orlikowska

A Synanthropic Species

The video shows recordings of a beautiful residence from the 19th century, combined with a text describing life using the example of insects and synathropes - cockroaches.

Mateusz Sadowski

The installations and video works by Mateusz Sadowski are not actually meant to give solutions. The viewer is confused and in the best case baffled. Square moths are flittering through the image space of the video and the geometric scenario is not focusing in, into detail but out. For the work „A MACHINE FOR THINKING ABOUT OVERLOADS“ a black and white image is projected onto the wall. A short movie sequence is suggested. By detailed examination of the scenario it becomes clear that it is a live broadcast from a neighbouring installation one is viewing.

Iza Tarasewicz

Iza Tarasewicz is a sculpturer, performance artist and drawer. At Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund she will be showing the objects „Table“ and „Pokers“. The work „Table“, a metal frame with a straight concrete plate is reminiscent rather of a kneeling dog lacking a head. The work „Pokers“ is similarly simplified and interetable in multiple ways. The title refers to a hook shaped rack. The size relates to the body height of the artist.

Monika Zawadzki

Monika Zawadzki is primarily known for her design objects and books as well as the magazine Dik-Fagazine. In her minimalistic wall drawings she addresses interpersonal relations and social problems. She intensifies and analyses extreme social attitudes, leading to superiority or exclusion. Examples are feminism, racism and homophobia.

Concept and organisation: Marta Skłodowska, Elly Valk-Verheijen, Denise Winter

Images ©: the artists
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kindly supported by:

Sparkasse Dortmund, Cultural Department of the City of Dortmund