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4hKUNST is an exhibition project initiated and organised by members of the Kuenstlerhaus in Dortmund. In the Laboratorium, a small exhibition space of the Kuenstlerhaus, various art actions will take place at four dates in 2013. The aim of 4hKUNST is tracing and introducing new positions in art, bringing together artists, to discuss and to dare the experiment.
The exchange about art and the networking of artists and institutions are as important as enjoying the experimental production process of art as well as an exhibition which is only open for four hours.

4hKUNST #1: "Zum Lachen in den inneren Keller" (Into the inner basement for laughing)

20 April, 20 – 24 h

Christine Schiewe (Dresden) and Georg Lisek (Leipzig)

image: Christine Schiewe, Begegnung, 2013, Collage 13 x 18 cm

Pictures are served.
Surfaces will be disturbed and cut.
Abysses are gaping.
And the core is sweet.


4hKUNST #2: "Vollhund”

18 May, 20 – 24 h

With Thekla Rickert (Berlin) and Dirk Pleyer (Dortmund)

The 1-Song-Band "Dog Stevens" is going to roam through Dortmund's public space and show their results in the Künstlerhaus.
What else is going to happen: a demonstration against keeping dogs on leads, crazy dogs will be saved from the pan, knitting of bobble hats [in German: poodle-hats], kneading of marzipan dog turds… we'll see…

4hKUNST #3: „Auto-Performance“/ Car Performance – One Minute of Sound in Public Spaces in Dortmund

21 September,

20 – 24 h

Follow us on bikes! We will travel along the stops marked on the map and will stay about five minutes at every stop. 4hKUNST – 13 stops. The tour begins at 8pm sharp at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund. At 10pm let’s have some soup at the Kunstverein Dortmund and finally the tour ends at midnight at the SissiKingKong.

Frank Zitzmann & Frank Naumann

1. Künstlerhaus Dortmund · 2. Fleischerei Tempel · 3. Dortmunder U · 4. Hotel Unique · 5. Alter Markt · 6. ehemaliges Museum am Ostwall · 7. Reinoldikirche · 8. Dortmunder Kunstverein · 9. Münsterstraße (Mitte, St. Josephskirche) · 10. Nordmarkt · 11. Hauptbahnhof, Nordausgang · 12. Hafenamt · 13. SissiKingKong

Download the detailed route: here

4hKUNST #4: "Analogue to Digital

16 November, 20 – 24 h

The world is never going to be an analogue one again. However, nor is digital photography the only glorious path. In the exhibition, analogue and digital positions meet. What is the attraction of the respective other? The exhibiting artists will have their say and put their work into the spotlight.

Exhibiting Artists:
Felix Dobbert, Christine Erhard, Andreas Gefeller, Gerhard Kurtz, Benno Schlicht, Miriam Schwedt, Christa von Seckendorff, Andreas Zimmermann.

Exhibition Space: Künstlerhaus Dortmund

The exhibition is curated by Denise Winter and Felix Dobbert.
The art historian Fabian Knierim is going to take part in the discussion.

Photo, invitation card: Felix Dobbert

Further information (in German): www.4hKUNST.blogspot.de

Concept and Organisation:
Gaby Peters, Dirk Pleyer, Maria Schleiner, Jens Sundheim, Denise Winter

kindly suported by:

Cultural Department of the City of Dortmund, Sparkasse Dortmund, DEW21