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Billo BÄM

New ways to sculpture

25 May - 30 June 2013
Opening: Friday, 24 May at 20:00h

Billo BÄM deals with contemporary, sculptural concepts.
The participating artists are working with every day materials, common and cheap building materials, turning them into site specific installations, new contexts and pictorial languages: maximum effect with a minimum deployment of means.
Six Artists are invited to involve the architectural characteristics of the Künstlerhaus in their artistic work.

Opening on 24/05/2013

Participating artists:

David Baur, Stuttgart
Erik Olofsen, Zaandam, Netherlands
Mareike Lee, Berlin
Angelika Loderer, Vienna, Austria
Sebastian Wickeroth, Duesseldorf
Eric Winarto, Genf, Switzerland

David Baur

Schraubi 2012

David Baur presents a performative sculpture during the opening. The exhibition visitor becomes involved in the developing process of the objects. "Because of their surprise egg character, such actions are quite popular with the visitors of the exhibition: handicraft, suspense, play, childlike amazement and enjoying a bang."

Mareike Lee

Crossroads and Measuring Sticks, 2010

The drawings of the canadian artist Mareike Lee work as a areal, walkable installation. Material and installation are perceived as a flat surface and are understood by the artist as a two dimensional work. "The drawings are like "Building Blocks" or notes of a thought process, which are changing into a visual language."

Angelika Loderer

Pinker Schnee (detail) 2011

Angelika Loderer works traditional sculptural materials like wax, bronze, plaster. Her processual play with control and chance leads to temporary, only for the exhibition space existent sculptures.

Erik Olofsen

In Places, 2004

In the video work "In Places", Erik Olofsen works with a three dimensional, constructed cityscape made of foam material. Interacting with the human being, the sculpture, which was especially made for the video, becomes readable and changed in its meaning.

Sebastian Wickeroth

Untitled, 2010

The artist Sebastian Wickeroth constructs expansive installations made out of simple materials like drywall, foil, wood and varnish. The works are based on the idea, that all matter is going through a perpetual circuit of formation and disintegration. The destruction, which is visualized in the sculptures, is constructed and not the result of a later intervention in the finished form.

Eric Winarto

Blacklight Selva 2012

The art works of Eric Winarto are classified as paintings which he integrates into spaces spreading them over a large surface area. For the exhibition, he is going to develop a wall- and floorpainting with fluorescent paint in the "mex" basement, a place for experimental concerts. Due to the use of  black light, Eric Winarto opens the familiar surroundings to a further dimension.

Concept and Organisation: Adriane Wachholz und Hannes Woidich
images ©: the artists
Fotos Opening
©: Jens Sundheim
kindly suported by:
Cultural Department of the City of Dortmund, Sparkasse Dortmund DEW21