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Sachdienliche Hinweise / Relevant References

26 October - 24 November 2013

"Art, if you want a definition of it, is criminal action. It conforms to no rules. Not even its own. Anyone who experiences a work of art is as guilty as the artist. It is not a question of sharing the guilt. Each one of us gets all of it." (John Cage, Diary: Audience, 1966)

In German, the first association coming with "Relevant References" is a Police inquiry. When encountering a work of art we are challenged to collect similar information on offenders, crime scene and motive - there are details of artist, work and motif. We find cryptic clues and traces, we collect and interpret facts and evidence. The information gathered in the exhibition are selected examples of the quality of visual art that challenge us intensively in lustful search for new knowledge.

Opening on 25/10

Participating artists:

Anneke Dunkhase / Annette Bohn (Dortmund)
Isabel Glapa (Muenster)
Basir Mahmood (Pakistan)
Satomi Edo (Münster)
Laura Schimmel (Muenster)
Antje Seeger (Dresden)

Anneke Dunkhase / Annette Bohn

Since June 2009, the artists work on joint projects. Their main focus is multimedia installations between imagination and collection, as well as documentation and intervention. A starting point always is given by the particular space that is studied and played with. Cooperation is made mostly from the principle of dialogue, which is not only the method, but is also reflected in the presentation of the work. The dialogic principle of momentum and growth involves the viewer. The spectator due to his own speculations about the meaning and context, becomes object of perception himself.

Satomi Edo

The artist's work may remind of a diary. It collects experiences, feelings and objects , connecting them to specific events. These are incorporated in the work. It is a process-oriented work, during which the artist totally immerses in her own working world. Although the work can be used for various media such as installation, video, printmaking and sculpture always treated very personal issues, they have a certain universality.

Isabel Glapa

The work of Isabel Glapa conqueres empty spaces, by observation of involuntary performances or organizing space by installation of sound, video and painting.

Basir Mahmood

In order to engage with situations around him, he ponders upon embedded social and historical terrains of the ordinary, as well as his personal milieu. Using video, film or photograph, Mahmood weaves various threads of thoughts, findings and insights into poetic sequences and various forms of narratives.

Laura Schimmel

In her work, the artist combines numerous opposites as near - distance, access - privacy, transparency - opacity, the beautiful and threatening, without committing to a general statement.

Antje Seeger

The interest of the artist's work is the exploration of the boundaries between reality and fiction, areas where both entities are not well separated. Specifically, these are the moments when fiction dissolves into reality and thereby forming new perspectives and actions. A focus of the work goes to objects and installations from everyday's life, which are taken from their conventional context by minimal interventions, and then allow new perspectives. Here the artist follows the ideas and strategies of concept art.

Concept and Organisation: Willi Otremba, Peter Schmieder

images works ©: the artists
photos opening ©: Jens Sundheim

kindly supported by:
Cultural Department of the City of Dortmund, Sparkasse Dortmund, DEW 21