Workshops 2024

The Künstlerhaus Dortmund occupies a highly regarded position nationwide as a studio house with an exhibition and artist-in-residence program. In recent years, the association has also significantly expanded the area of cultural education.

Since 2011, two artistic-participatory projects for children have been established.
"PiratenGOLD" has accompanied a generation of children from the immediate neighborhood into young adulthood and celebrated its farewell in 2018 after seven years. The "My Story" format developed in 2015 is being continued on an ongoing basis and plans long-term cooperation with schools and other institutions in the neighborhood.

The NRW Kulturrucksack funding program is given the greatest attention: In up to eight free workshops for children and young people per year, the Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund has an artistic-creative impact on the Nordstadt district.

As before, we also offer group tours of the current exhibition on special dates. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.