Summer Residency at Künstlerhaus Dortmund

Since 2005, Künstlerhaus Dortmund has been offering an artist residency during the summer months for artists from abroad in all areas of the visual arts.

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Summer guest 2024

Amiko Li

At Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Amiko Li will start off working on too quiet to hear, a spoken word performance inspired by elevators. This work considers how the installation can function as a metaphor for temporary dwelling, evoking hyper-awareness of one's existence and orientation. Playing with the relationship between the installation, writing, and sound performance, Li will experiment with combining performance and installations that respond to everyday experiences as multiple entry points for viewers.

Summer guest 2023

Maisha Maene

Born in 1998, Maisha Maene is a Congolese screenwriter and director living in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. An Afrofuturist artist, he is concerned with human rights and environmental issues and seeks to reconstruct the fragmented history of his country. In addition to various collaborative projects, Maisha Maene has written and directed five films. These have been selected at more than 50 film festivals. His latest short film "Mulika" was selected at the 2022 Locarno Film Festival in the international competition Pardi di domani and won a jury prize.
During his residency at Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Maisha Maene will realize the video installation "Fragment", which questions the human through a historical and collective consciousness oriented and rooted in the knowledge and cosmogonies of yesterday and tomorrow.

Summer guests 2022


Plicnik Collective is a vehicle for experimental modes of enquiry. Through collaborative and participatory projects, the collective researches notions of space in various contextual frameworks. Plicnik’s projects experiment with scale and art production in both real and fictitious spaces. In previous works, a gigantic spaceship (D02.2) and microscopic cells in a body (SUB·RS) became the stage for exhibitions

Plicnik Collective presents n∰menon, an installation developed by Amelie Mckee and Melle Nieling at Künstlerhaus Dortmund in the context of the summer residency. The work hints at an undisclosed occurrence through a series of interviews. The interviewees contrast and confuse, turning the phenomenon into both a spiritual spectacle and an economic force. The sculptures are conceived as apparatuses, sized to the human body they outline the absence of a user. The work prompts us to examine a continuous feeling of paranoid threat, in which the unknown opens the imagination.

30 July - 4 August 2022
Opening on Friday, 29 July, 6 - 10 pm

Summer guests 2020


In 2020, due to the Covid 19 situation, we decided together with our originally selected guest artist from Korea to postpone the residency for one year. The one international guest was replaced by four domestic artists.

The four-week residency at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund became four one-week "changes of scenery" for:
Magdalena Los (Köln)
Paul Reinholz (Köln)
Gabi Steinhauser (Berlin)
Charline Zongos (Bremen)

Summer guest 2019

Maud Haya-Baviera (Great Britain)

The summer residency at Künstlerhaus Dortmund offers Maud Haya-Baviera the opportunity to continue her content-related work on a video on the topic of migration and displacement, which she has already begun in her native Yorkshire in England. She wants to explore the legacy that forced migration brings and, in particular, the impact that displacement has on subsequent generations.
Migration since the beginning of industrialization has been a central aspect of the history of the Ruhr region and the city of Dortmund. Research in the Dortmund City Archive, conversations with people who themselves or whose parents/grandparents immigrated to the Ruhr region, and the experience of the Künstlerhaus in dealing with children of migrants in the workshops are all components of the project.
The Künstlerhaus Dortmund provides the means to work on the complex topic and the collected material in the guest studio. The challenging interweaving of migration and lifeworld in the artistic work of Maud Haya-Baviera was the deciding factor in awarding her the 2019 summer residency.

Some Palaces
24 - 31 August 2019
Opening on Friday, 23 Aug 2019 at 8 pm

Summer guest 2018

Rees Archibald (*1972 in Australia, lives and works in Lithuania)

Rees Archibald was initially a saxophonist and spent several years in Japan studying traditional Zen music. He later studied electronic composition and worked with composers Alvin Lucier, Ron Kuivila, and David Behrman. Rees has performed and exhibited at The Kitchen, NYC, ZKM, Opera ind Sydney, Red Gate Gallery in Beijing, and the Emit/Time Festival in Bern, among others. He teaches instrumental music performance, music technology, new media and ethnomusicology.
"I am interested in exploring the physicality of objects and spaces using sound." (Rees Achibald)

For the summer residency at Künstlerhaus Dortmund, Rees has submitted a project titled Sounding surroundings: starting with feedback loops through physical materials using contact microphones and transducers, he intends to explore abandoned architectures of the region and create site-specific installations.

17 - 19 August 2018
Opening on Friday, 17 August at 7 pm

Summer guest 2017

Daniel Nicolae Djamo (*1987 in Romania)

Daniel Djamo studied at the Department for Time-Based Media at the University of Bucharest, where he graduated with an MFA in 2011. He is currently pursuing his PhD at the Department of Fine Arts, Art History and Theory at the University of Bucharest. With an ERASMUS grant, he worked at the Weißensee School of Art in Berlin in 2015 and 2016. Daniel has participated in numerous artist-in-residence programs, most recently in Austria, France, Slovenia and the USA.

During his residency in Dortmund, Daniel Djamo continued to work on his project Nomadaption, which is also the subject of his PhD thesis. With a focus on Romanian immigrants in Western Europe, in it he questions the possibility of successful integration.

16 sounds of paper
Workshop by Daniel Djamo
Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 3 - 5 p.m.
Seminar room, Künstlerhaus Dortmund

5 August 2017 at 7:30 pm

Summer guest 2016

Junichiro Ishii (*1975 in Japan, lives and works in France)

Junichiro Ishii studied Culture and General Education at Nippon Designers Vocational School in Fukuoka, Japan, where he also received his BFA and Kyushu Sanyo University in 2002. Since 2004, he has traveled extensively and participated in a number of artist residencies, including South Korea, the United States, the Czech Republic, Greece, and France.
His project for Dortmund revolves around the concept of preservation. Glass preserving jars and bottles, as well as the junk and junk typical of our society, have played a central role in his on-site research and production activities.

Summer guest 2015

Rei Kakiuchi (*1969 in Japan, lives and works in Rotterdam, NL)

Rei Kakiuchi studied at Kyoto Seika University (BA Textile Design 1993), Nottingham Trent University of Art and Design (MA 2002) and The Dutch Art Institute (MA 2013). Using the media of drawing, sculpture, installation, video and guided performance, he explores the relationship between nature itself and the way it is perceived and defined by humans to express his thesis of nature as a dead body.
In Dortmund, Rei worked on his new project titled Finger Cap, which explores how humans perceive the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, death and life. This involved sculpture, craftsmanship and performance, with other artists involved in the latter. The title refers to our fingers as an apparative extension of our will; covering them, that is, making them unrecognizable, not only obscures identity but, in the artist's view, negates existence itself.

Summer guest 2015

Simon Le Ruez (*1970, lives and works in Sheffield (UK) and Berlin)

Simon Le Ruez studied at Exeter College of Art, holds a Diploma in Fine Art Sculpture from The City and Guilds of London Art School and an MA from Winchester School of Art. His work revolves around the physical as well as the psychological, but at its core is the process of making. The dialogue of small oddities brings the viewer into the quandary of individual life and a rich layering of experience through form.
As part of his project Bridging Dortmund, Simon has drawn a new map of the city based on Dortmund's bridges using installation, photography, sculpture, and other media.

Summer guest 2014

Chris Bell (*1966 in Australia, lives in California, USA)

Chris Bell studied Industrial Design and Sculpture at Sydney College of the Arts, where he graduated in 1992. Since then he has exhibited his sculptural and installation work primarily with experimental organizations. He has received a number of grants, awards and commissions. Currently, Chris Bell lives near San Francisco, where he recently completed his MFA at Stanford University. He holds graduate assistantships at Stanford University and the San Francisco Art Institute.
During his stay in Dortmund, Chris plans to focus on crowd visualization. He plans to create an experimental installation based on a simple continuous counting apparatus to reproduce exact numbers from certain statistics - such as national and global population figures - and juxtapose them with quantities from the political economy.

Summer guest 2013

George Groshkov (*1986, Sofia, Bulgarian)

Residency project: "Unborn Fears" / film, installation.
The project deals with the fear of the future of young people all over the world who seem to be in a crisis - financially and emotionally. They protest incessantly as they expect the future to be a string of failures rather than opportunities. The goal is to name and describe their deepest fears in order to understand them and eventually put them to rest. (George Groshkov)

Summer guest 2013

Tara Nicholson (*1976, Victoria, BC, Canada)

Residency project: "Retreat - Somewhere Beyond Nowhere" / photography, installation, multimedia.
My proposed project for the residency explores the notion of retreat by questioning the desire to escape modernity and the contemporary form of pilgrimage in the context of dramatic climate change. Building on the work on Somewhere Beyond Nowhere from the past two years, I aim to build a retreat or outpost in my studio space. Using photography, sound, video, and in public presentations, I will investigate the parks and open spaces in and around Dortmund and relate and contrast them to impressions from Northern Canada. (Tara Nicholson)

Summer guest 2012

Caroline Molusson (*1976, France)

The Künstlerhaus Dortmund has chosen Caroline Molusson from Bordeaux (F) as its summer guest in 2012. Molusson convinced the jury of members with her sensitive works, in which the artist is concerned with subtly disturbing the natural order of things. The fact that this results, as it were, in disruptions of our habits of reception and possibly has an alienating effect on our automatisms of action, suits the artist. For one of the questions she intends to address intensively during her residency in Dortmund is: How can we be touched by a work of art?

Summer guest 2011

Hui Wai Keung (*1973, Hong Kong, CN)

Hui Wai Keung lives and works in Hong Kong, China. He only began to actively engage in art at the age of 30. In 2002, he took his first drawing class. He then studied Visual and New Media and received an MFA from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2004. He also graduated from Hong Kong Art School in Fine Arts, majoring in Sculpture.
Excerpt from his project proposal:
Recently, I am intrigued by the concept and poetic character of “impossibility”. (...) I am looking for  failed experiments, wrong theories, rejected proposals, or any ridiculous idea. It could be an idea that proved to be wrong as it violates the laws of nature, but which could be possible on a logical basis. Or it could be a legend which is said to be logically impossible, but has been widely believed to be true.

Summer guest 2010

Maria Raponi (*1975, Toronto, CA)

Maria Raponi lives in Toronto and works with a wide range of artistic media. Her work explores the relationship of perceived and interpretive experience, between direct experience of the world and attempts to make sense of it. This relationship is established through storytelling. The stories we share, the events we remember, and the places we create help us delineate and relate to our surroundings.
During her residency in Dortmund, Maria Raponi realized a series of light boxes that show composite images of the ceilings of the exhibition spaces of the Künstlerhaus. In this site-specific work, the ceilings, which otherwise support the lighting for viewing works, become the subject and content of the work itself.
 Although directly related to the architecture, the images open up a contemplative space for the viewer to claim. Rather than photographically freezing a moment in time, each ceiling image consists of a multitude of photographs taken at different times and therefore varying in color and incidence of light.

Summer guest 2009

Dillan Marsh (*1980, Bristol, UK)

Dillan Marsh from Great Britain uses objects, drawings and videos to create a world in which the viewer is invited to immerse himself. Each individual work is part of a larger whole and therefore never really finished or finished. Working in foreign environments is important for him to exchange ideas and generally broaden his horizons. Dillan Marsh studied Art and Design at York College, specializing in photography, and graduated with honors in Fine Art from the University of Bristol.
He has been an Erasmus scholar at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin and artist-in-residence at various locations in the UK and USA.
In Dortmund, as part of his Book Project, he constructed a machine to process books into raw material, which can then be used in a variety of ways, such as building material or cheap fuel. Recycling and the conversion of waste into energy already play a role in the artist's earlier works, without him being primarily concerned with ecological aspects. The theme is rather the book as a dead medium in a time of recession, rising oil prices and potential climate catastrophes, and its recycling in a time when survival has become more important than the preservation of knowledge and culture.

Summer guest 2008

Tamara Fleming (*1983 in Anchorage, US)

Tamara Fleming attended OC High School of the Arts, Santa Ana, California and studied at Santa Reparata International School of the Arts, Florence. In 2005, she graduated from the University of California Los Angeles with a degree in Fine Arts. Since 2005 she has been attending the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
During her residency in Dortmund, she has continued her work of studying, individually comprehending, and responding to the external world surrounding her through a combination of photographic, drawing, painting, and installation media.

Summer guest 2007

Helen Johnson (*1980, Northcote, AUS)

The Australian Helen Johnson from Northcote, Victoria was our guest in June and July 2007. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT University, Melbourne in 2002. Her main fields of work are space-specific drawing and painting on paper and wall.
During her stay at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund she worked on the theme of personal, domestic interiors.

Summer guest 2006

Anna-Maria Karczmarska (*1981, Krakau, PL)

The artist from Krakow was our guest in the summer of 2006. She studied at the art academies of Krakow and Milan; her fields of work are staged photography, animated film, painting and sculpture/object.

Summer guest 2005

Anna Gonzalez (*1980, Barcelona, ES)

The conceptual artist from Barcelona was selected for the 2005 residency and worked in Dortmund from July 1 to September 15, 2005.
Residency project: "Early retirement
In the past, people often worked until shortly before their death. Due to increased life expectancy today, healthy retirees in the developed world have significantly more time at their free disposal. In a sense, people have created time for themselves. Anna Gonzalez examined this man-made time. Through "early retirement," she learned about the lives of seniors. First, she participated in summer activities in the 'SeniorSummer 2005' of the Wilhelm Hansmann House; then, in a second part, she became a temporary resident of the Senior Residence North.