The exhibition "One country – Two images" presents nine divergent photographic and graphic positions from and about Hong Kong. Beside the journalistic and documentary photographic works the exhibition shows also perspectives of staged and art photography.
Photographic works from and about Hong Kong are little known in Europe. The journalistic reporting and their visual aesthetics are more likely to be communicated via social media and mainstream media as moving images and film footage.
This exhibition aims to highlight the independence and the visual and cultural peculiarities of the photographic positions from and about Hong Kong and will offer an appropriate environment. Flanked by quotations, which attempt to describe and support the cultural context and the special identity.

The exhibtion "One country – Two images" is part of the research-projekt "On books and photography – The Hong Kong photo-book", 2016-2021. 
Since 2016, the research project "on books and photography – the hong kong photo-book" has been looking closely and explicitly at photo and artist books in and from Hong Kong. The project is understood as part of the comprehensive study of visual research on the photo book as a specific medium by the buchlabor (book lab) entitled "on books and photography – what defines the photo-book?". The above-mentioned research project was presented in an extensive interdisciplinary exhibition, additionally accompanied by an international symposium and digitally documented as an application. Dealing with and studying a book medium (photo- and artist-book) in a specific place (here: a specific city) must, of course, be considered  in a larger research context, and this has developed out of such work. 


Pierfrancesco Celada

Volker Heinze

Sabine an Huef

South Ho Sui Nam

Michael Wolf

Paul Yeung

Vincent Yu