The Künstlerhaus Dortmund is a registered association.
Our international exhibition program - with a focus on contemporary, cross-disciplinary experiments - creates a lively discourse about current art on site. Networks and contacts with fellow artists arise as if by magic.
The planning, organization and realization of exhibitions and other events is the responsibility of the members of the association (i.e. the artists in the Künstlerhaus).
A permanent managing director supports the association in its work.

Members of Künstlerhaus / Artists in the Künstlerhaus

Debora Ando, Janna Banning, Anett Frontzek, Cornelius Grau, Horst Herz, Barbara Koch, Willi Otremba, Dirk Pleyer, Gaby Peters, Denise Ritter, Alexander Rütten, Maria Schleiner, Silke Schönfeld, Jana Kerima Stolzer, Jens Sundheim, Elly Valk-Verheijen, Adriane Wachholz, Achim Zepezauer

  • Voting rights at the monthly general meeting or annual general meeting
  • Exhibition conception and organization
  • Exhibition construction
  • Jury activities
  • Supervisory services
  • Guided tours through exhibitions
  • Design for in-house print media
  • Dispatches
  • Maintenance of the building
  • Press relations together with the managing director
  • Design and maintenance of the website

The Künstlerhaus members have their own studios in the house as an artist.

Artists in the network (K.I.N.)

Patrick Borchers, Jörg Daniel, Andreas Drewer, Tina Dunkel, Etta Gerdes, Barbara Hlali, Dagmar Lippok, Babette Martini, Linda Opgen-Rhein, Rona Rangsch, Arno Schidlowski, Ulrich Weber, Denise Winter, Marco Wittkowski, Hannes Woidich

  • No voting rights and no defined rights and obligations
  • Welcome is any substantive and tangible commitment and participation in the general meetings
  • Use of the equipment of the house on request
  • Possibility to use the organization network
  • further in individual arrangement

Association Board

Voluntary management of the association in all areas of responsibility:

1st chairperson: Jens Sundheim
Vice chairperson: Maria Schleiner
Treasurer: Lex Rütten
Secretary: Silke Schönfeld
Board member: Debora Ando
Board member: Willi Otremba


Dr. Peter Schmieder, Art historian

  • Not a member of the association, full-time
  • Budget planning and management
  • Program planning and implementation (in cooperation with the annual planning group)
  • Press and public relations (in cooperation with the respective project management)
  • Representation (in cooperation with the board)
  • Promotion of cooperation and exchange with artist initiatives and cultural institutions
  • Project financing, contracts, sponsor acquisition

The managing director is supported by an FSJ or BFD position:

  • 2016/2017: Marie Seemann
  • 2017/2018: Jakob Karpus
  • 2019/2020: James Rodemann
  • 2020/2021: Maja Siepmann