The exhibition "45257//44147" shows positions of ten selected students and graduates of the degree programme Photography and Media of the HBK Essen under the direction of Professor Carsten Gliese. 
The selection of the presented has not been made from a thematic point of view - rather, the exhibition should give general insights into the artistic research and teaching of the still young art school. The works address the broadly spread possibilities of expression of the technical image media or pursue cross-media and interdisciplinary aspects. The works shown in the exhibition vary from classic black and white photographs to video installations and sculptural works. The topics are complex and show how free and lively studying at the Hochschule in Essen is.
The Academy of Fine Arts Essen, which opened in 2013, is a state-recognized private art school. It offers three different courses: Sculpture / Plastic, Photography / Media and Painting / Graphics. These study paths are designed and aligned to foster practice-oriented education in the field of free visual arts.
In the degree programme photography / media, interdisciplinary aspects play a role as well as the comprehensive expressive possibilities of technical visual media. In addition to classical photography, students learn space-related work and the staging of multimedia installations.


Ruben S. Bürgam

Annette Hiller

Diana Hommel

Loïc Hommel

Dirk Krüger

Meike Poese

Gabi Rottes

Simon Tretter

Xiamao Wang