How do we face the world? What connects us with our fellow human beings? How do we deal with them?
The young documentary photographers of DOCKS Collective have approached and interpreted their chosen themes over long periods of time. In their exhibition "encounters" they show personal narratives that document social as well as ecological conditions and developments. For their long-term projects, they spent time on the margins of society, travelled to areas threatened by climate change, and devoted themselves to the traditions of the province. With their photographic essays, they focus on the human being and ask how he lives, thinks, and feels in current times, influenced by his environment and history.
DOCKS was founded in Dortmund in May 2018. The collective stands for diverse and contemporary approaches to documentary photography, based on humanistic values.
In the Künstlerhaus they show their current long-term projects.
An environmental disaster in Iran, Lake Urmia, serves Maximilian Mann to criticize the waste of resources of human life.
Arne Piepke with Glaube, Sitte, Heimat accompanies shooting clubs through their fest-cycle and creates a fascinating portrait of German tradition.
Ingmar Björn Nolting looks in the middle of Germany behind facades of a skyscraper, where poverty, loneliness and exclusion in the former dream of the 1970s hide.
Fabian Ritter shows with horizone de calor the biggest forest fire in Europe of the last year and using abstract and documentary photography he comes close to the people in a destroyed habitat.

Maximilian Mann

Ingmar Björn Nolting

Arne Piepke

Fabian Ritter