KARARO has an experimental point of departure. For each exhibition a collective process is started which overcomes the routine of the individual way of working. KARARO develops a levity towards the material. A risen artistic risk is created by entering an open work process. Ink drawing several meters in length are created as are small sculptures or performative elements when timers are set, breaks are taken, the status quo is discussed, the artists are reacting to signals and the pace is accelerated. The personal signature is dissolving, exchange takes the place of the individual gesture, and the impetus is becoming an artistic localization in the present. The basic idea of cooperation is meant to be understood as a comment on society. The finished work - as abstract as its visual result may appear - may well be read as a utopian statement. The programmatic the process of creation, the poetic and free the result in the viewer's perception.

In 2013 the artist cooperation KARARO was initiated by Anna Jacobi, Heehyun Jeong, Anne-Kathrin Loth and Lydia Paasche, all master students of Olav Christopher Jenssen. Following an invitation of Künstlerhaus Dortmund KARARO will develop a new site-specific work: A large installative painting, 100 m2 in size, which will - for the first time - be created in a purely collective process.


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