"add-on" as a term for "enhanced applications" or "enhanced capabilities" means with regard to the presented artistic works an extended and increased spatial quality. Spatiality can develop differently in each case and leads to diverging ideas of space in the broadest sense.
The special feature of all these spatial interlocks and extensions is that they are perceptible, but elude objective knowledge and are indeterminate stay. How the spatial perceptions and ideas are transformed in direct contact and change with the respective work, eludes precise Euclidean verifiability. They offer scope for the expansion of enrichment of meaning, because they prove to be complex and enigmatic; they are and remain open to various ideas and interpretations. It is each an open, complex game with possibilities. The works shown in the exhibition thematised increased spatial quality as an add-on proves to be an incitement to search for extraordinary contexts of meaning.

Nikola Hamacher

Vanessa Henn


Raymund Kaiser


Jörg Kratz


Sali Muller


Ekkehard Neumann


David Semper