"31KiLO" is an exhibition and cooperation project between the Space İstanbul and the Künstlerhaus Dortmund. Four Turkish artists meet four German artists, they work together and realize two exhibitions in Istanbul and the Ruhr Area (the region around Dortmund) that are both changing cultural regions. Each artist has the possibility to send a package of 31 kilograms with materials and artworks to the exhibition places for a two week residency.

"31 KiLO" is the maximum of weight the post is sending on a regular way to Istanbul. The artistic positions reflect and analyse architectural and spatial conditions regarding perspectives and views of it. Working with and in a space always presumes an observation and an analysis of the space itself. The artists meet and work together in an intense period of time, which is an initiative for intercultural artistic practice. The project consists of a flexible structure, so the works of the first exhibition can be extended during the second residency period.

Daniel Burkhardt

Recordings of details in the urban area of Dortmund are patterns for two projections named "Urban Faces (Dortmund)". The details of a curtain and a ventilation damper are digitally multiplied and create artificial surfaces made out of repeated fragments that are precisely fitted into the architecture of the Artist House. Because of the movement of the hand-held camera the elements shift minimally and create iridescent projected images. In the cellar of the Artist House the work "In Other Words" shows views of cities and nature whose disparate motives are dynamized and interwoven through visual interferences and analogies.


Özgür Demirci

The installation "Zorumlu Seçmeli/Wahlpflicht" started in Istanbul and continues in Dortmund by asking the visitors for their experience of a forced decision. The video "Miners United" is about former mine workers from Dortmund and the region. The artist asks the participants about their reasons of moving to Dortmund and their work in the coal mining. The artwork consists of narrations and video recordings of the persons and is shown in the former access to a coal mine in the cellar of the Artist House. Therefore the history of the place connects with the memories of the former workers. 


Uygar Demoğlu

The artist blew up balloons, didn’t close them and let them fly until they reached the ground. This process was filmed with a camera and the images show the balloons in public spaces of Istanbul and Dortmund. The artist sees the movement as a motive of becoming and disappearance. 


David Kroell

On the backside of a wall made out of fragments of plaster boards, traces of the transport from Istanbul to Dortmund are visible. The wall was reconstructed and adjusted to the architectural conditions of the exhibition space in Dortmund. The issue of posting and sending is the reason for the choice to pick the material parcel tape for the artwork »Wall Waxing«. The whole exhibition wall was covered with parcel tape which was ripped of afterwards. The removal leaves traces on the surfaces of the tape and the wall. These minimal interventions confront the viewer with the challenge to notice and question changes of the space and its architectural details with a keen eye. 


Can Kurucu

The objects of the exhibition space in Istanbul recorded with the green-screen-technique are shown in the Artist House Dortmund. The projection of the objects creates a connection between two geographically distanced places.


Daniela Löbbert

Daniela Löbbert uses architectonical shapes and their structures or the form of the image-carrier as templates for her works. For “Galata Wallpainting” she used a photograph, which she made in the Galata district in Istanbul. The colours refer to the initial situation in Istanbul. She transferred the reduced forms on a wall and the architecturally unique entrance of the Artist House. It emerges an interference of forms painted on glass and real architectonical ones.


Patrick Presch

Three adolescents stand hugging each other at the Bosporus coast. The incident can’t be classified exactly. This observation was used as a starting point for a photographic expedition through Dortmund with the aim to find a pendant and to express the exhibition concept of exchange in an artistic form. The counterpart shows a door with scribbling all over. The image suggests the localization in Dortmund and demonstrates with the picture taken in Istanbul two forms of today’s youth communication.


Sümer Sayın

The installation in Dortmund functions like an answer to the artwork shown in Istanbul and is carried to an extreme. The letters W and E are taut between two walls with threads and create such a tension that the elastic ropes destroy the semantic of the word.


Exhibition views the Space Istanbul:

More impressions, exhibition views and details concerning the artists at: http://31kilo.blogspot.de/