Exchange program with Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz (AT)

Since 2010, Künstlerhaus Dortmund and Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz (Austria) have been mediating artistic exchange between cities and regions.

In the Capital of Culture year 2010, Künstlerhaus Dortmund participated in an international city exchange program Urban Interventions funded by European money. The project was led by the Austrian city of Linz with partners in Liverpool, Istanbul and other European cities. This initial artist exchange developed into a continuously ongoing residency program on a bilateral level, juried by the respective host from a shortlist, after the funding expired.


Amanda Burzić (AT)

Amanda Burzić is a painter. With a devotion to reproduction, she appropriates artifacts and manipulates them until they dissolve between imitation, kitsch and memory.
During her residency in Dortmund, she plans to expand her collection and photo archive and develop new works from them.
Born in 1994, she studied painting & graphic arts in Linz. She was resident artist at Atelierhaus Salzamt in Linz until 2022 and spends residencies between Bad Gastein and Chicago. Since 2017, she has been a founding member of the group EDITION:, which exhibits young art and organizes the festival PEWPEWPEW. Amanda Burzić lives and works in Vienna.

2022 (2020)

Elisa Treml (AT)

Elisa Treml studied in Vienna, Linz and Lisbon with a focus on art and design. Since then, self-employed as a visual artist, exhibitions and commissions at home and abroad. Longer stays in France, Portugal, Turkey and the USA. 
She developed art on building projects and organized the realization of large-scale art installations. In recent years she has increasingly turned to drawing and sculptural work.
During her stay in Dortmund Elisa Treml is engaged in the development of a new textile work.


Andrea Lüth (AT)

Andrea Lüth, born1981 in Innsbruck, studied painting and graphics / fine arts from 2002 to 2008 at the Art University Linz and the Art Academy Berlin-Weißensee, since then she lives as an artist in Vienna; numerous exhibitions in Austria and abroad.
“My work is multifunctional, diverse and connectable. It is process-oriented and adaptive, the work is equated with the temporary appearance, reception and production interlock like institution and notepad, studio and marketplace. In simplified terms, one could say: "Who is looking at what, under what conditions and with what intent, where, and who wants it to happen - and who pays?"."


Daniel Stempfer (AT)

Our guest artist 2019 in the exchange program with the Salzamt Linz is Daniel Stempfer. Born in Austria, Daniel Stempfer graduated in 2013 as a master student of Prof. Willem de Rooij at the Städelschule Frankfurt. Complemented by a residency in 2011 at the Glasgow School of Art. Several artist in residence residencies took him to Korea (2016), Japan (2017) and China (2016). In 2018 Daniel Stempfer was nominated for the German ars viva prize.
His guest residency at the Künstlerhaus is not his first in the Ruhr region. In the summer of 2017, he was involved in the group exhibition "Normal" at the off-space "Trust Camp" in Essen. For his residency in Dortmund, Daniel Stempfer wants to build on his experiences and contacts in Essen and the Ruhr region and develop new works.


Sarah Stachl (AT)

Guest from Linz in 2018 was Sarah Stachl. She photographs found things or situations as documents for her further work, which subsequently serve her as inspiration for a photo series a video, an object or a sculpture. The found object can be strengthened and weakened by adding and subtracting different things. These are things that we all see, but not everyone perceives. She used her time in Dortmund to prepare a larger work in the outdoor space. The work, executed in metal, was finally presented in Linz.


Robert Matthes (D)

During his stay in Linz, Robert Matthes recorded views and excerpts at various locations and combined them in his processual painting. The result is a pictorial world in which man, manipulated by the world of communication, is the focus. Every day he is confronted with the constant sound and image flood of our information society with all conceivable excesses of a degenerated society. Intoxicated, blind and lethargic, he "moves" through his modern land of milk and honey. Can he resist all these temptations and his urges? Are there ways out or is he simply "not strong enough to turn"?


Katharina Loidl (AT)

After the joint exhibition of the previous Linz /Dortmund fellows in January in Linz, the Austrian artist Katharina Loidl visited us in May. In installations and etchings as well as video projections, her work revolves around the alienation of media realities as well as the confrontation of private and public spaces and the gazes and experiences exchanged therein.


Steffi Lindner (D)

The Linz residency in 2017 was accompanied by an innovation on the Dortmund side - Steffi Lindner was selected from the previous year's exhibiting Künstler:innen after a limited call for entries. Lindner had participated in the exhibition "Keine Zeit" at the Künstlerhaus with the work "happy in bits". She used her time in Linz, among other things, to prepare an experimental video work that dealt with the nature of atmospheric substances such as clouds and fog.


Hubert Ebenberger (AT)

Hubert Ebenberger, born in Lilienfeld in 1979, studied painting at the Linz University of Art from 2005 to 2012. His collages, objects and installations arise from a processual way of working, but also spontaneously from a feeling. Alongside colorful sprawling works, contrast his meditative clear dot works that tell of duration of time. "Even as a child I was playing in the forest with my siblings or we helped our parents with the woodwork. The connection to nature, to trees has remained. I feel that trees do me good, they give me strength and calm me down. Just the other day I found a leaf with black dots."


Denise Ritter (D)

The sound artist Denise Ritter realizes sound installations with electroacoustic compositions made of audio recordings of real sound situations (e.g. field recordings and soundscapes), in which the geographical and topographical location and spatial reference of what can be heard often plays a prominent role. During her month-long stay in Linz, she recorded characteristic sound atmospheres of the city at various locations, such as directly under the VÖEST bridge on the Danube, where the sounds of the river landscape meet the metallic noises of the bridge's construction.


Thomas Kluckner (AT)

In 2015 we were able to welcome Thomas Kluckner as a guest on the occasion of the exchange program. In his works he recreates everyday situations as objects or spatial installations. During his stay he developed a work for a room in the Künstlerhaus in the exhibition ECHOES.


Nina Nowak (D)


Elisa Andessner (AT)

In 2014 we were able to welcome Elisa Andessner as a guest. Her works combine performance, staged photography and video. She had the opportunity to participate in the Open Studios, and was thus able to present the photographs developed on site to an interested audience.


Adriane Wachholz (D)