In the uniquely dense cultural landscape of the Ruhr region, the KunstVereineRuhr network has existed since 2007 as a steadily growing association of art associations and artists' houses in the Ruhr cultural metropolis. With joint projects such as GrenzGebietRuhr (2010), BLOWIN' FREE (2013), Canale Grande (2014) and the Ruhr Residence (2016), the local art associations and artists' residences show themselves as exposed places of contemporary art production and presentation and discursive engagement with contemporary art.

By establishing direct contact between art producers and recipients, art associations and artists' residences open up innovative approaches to contemporary art. With the involvement of many volunteers, they traditionally work on the pulse of time, often with only a short planning lead time. This enables them to act flexibly and react to changing cultural, social and economic parameters. As a cultural-political force, the KunstVereineRuhr formulate a constant plea for artistic experimentation, for the strengthening of civic engagement and for the participation of as many as possible in the current art scene with joint projects, actions and events.

The KunstVereineRuhr are: