"Aus jedem Dorf ein Hund" (literally: A dog from each village) is a German expression from the context of card games. It refers to having a hand with cards of each colour instead of a homegenous hand which would suggest a specific strategy. With a mixed hand like that one will usually not dominate the game from the beginning, but one could spoil the game of the supposedly strong card players and turn the direction of the game at the decisive moment. It is the torque of this turning which makes the game truly interesting and open for surprises.
This appears to be an apppropriate picture for the Gostner class and its extremely open, interdisciplinary and multimedia work practice. Already at the appointment of a new student for the class an explicite attention is thus paid to create a heterogeneity, formally as well as content-wise, which will now be recovered in the exhibition at Künstlerhaus Dortmund as a broad three-dimensional discourse. The wide variety of spaces at the Künstlerhaus will allow the students to apply their very different forms of expression such as sculpture, installation, kinetics, video and audio, photography, graphics and painting site-specifically, and to play with – or against – each other.


Exhibition views Aus jedem Dorf ein Hund