The space opens for something different: no reason for pathos, catharsis, drama – there is no point. For no reason and without any ground, space appears as an opening and clearing, as a presence and absence of bodies and material, as a permission for movement, as a meeting between visual and performing arts. Installations, situations and performances create a stage-like concentration, change atmospheres, determine or transcend dimensions – empty or equipped, in action, illusion or simulation.
The exhibition is an experimental exploration of how a space can oscillate between stage, performance and fluid virtuality. Action as an exhibition; exhibition as a potential. A space in limbo. The scene changes; a divided space.


Sujin Bae und Jonathan Lemke

In their performances and installations, Sujin Bae and Jonathan Lemke are staging conflict situation, escalation and fight. The often brutal or explosive potential is presented to the audience in specifically constructed situations. At the intersection between walkable installation and scenic play, "Das Mütterliche" (the maternal) features characters and entities who try to express a feeling of loss that is related to the archetype of the mother. The idea that one entity evolves from the other initiates the strongest and most mystic relation one human being can have to another. However, like any other form of love, this one implies a dark side of fears and secret desires. The dichotomy between the fate as a singular entity and selflessness that cannot be silenced.
From Sept. 20-23 the performance will be ongoing continuously during the opening hours.


BBB_ is a technlogically advanced, interdisciplinary project at the intersection of music, performance, art, design and contemporary philosophy. For the latest work "Fully Acessible Body" they created digial copies of themselves and let those holograms perform on stage, controllled by the heartbeat of the audience. "Fully Acessible Body" is an investigation into autonomous performance that makes the presence of physical bodies obsolete. The presence of the audience and their physical reactions become the driving force of the show.
The performance "Fully Accesible Body" will be presented from Sept. 20-23 during opening hours. Come see a concert on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 22 h.

Corporation of people's situations - COPS

Corporation of people's situations – COPS work employ situations, performances and lectures to approach the thematic cluster property, community and collective action space. How can we meet the needs of many voices, holding different positions yet sharing a space of living? How can the heterogeneous and the divergent be oranized without homogenizing or excluding? How do abstract concepts as global economy,property, citizenship, international treaties, real estate speculations and privatization influence the actual possibility spaces for communal actions and teh realization of social visions for the future?
From Sept. 13-16 the performance will be ongoing continuously during the opening hours.

Heike Gallmeier

Heike Gallmeier assembles found materials to create temporary sculptural installations. In an ongoing process, ever new arrangements emerge: the materials, objects and images are in motion - through various spaces, contexts and media. The installation "Travelogue" was initiated by a journey of the artist from Berlin to Northampton. In a transporter that had been converted into a mobile studio she composed new installation from found materials on a daily basis. In "Travelogue" the processed found pieces, photos of the place of finding and trouvailles are grouped to form a dense mesh of references.

Kalinka Gieseler

Kalinka Gieseler's focus is on the aesthetics and the stages of commercial spaces. Above all she is concerned with the seductive power of the (photographic) image and the role it plays in this scenario. Building on a constantly growing photographic archive as the basis for spatial installations, Gieseler explores the politics of presentation, takes images and shapes from their original contexts and creates new connections. In doing so she uses photography as a physical material that can generally be modified in its form and use and is constituting itself in ever new ways in the specific context and space.


Deirdre O’Leary

The works by Deirdre O’Leary present the mutual dependency of man and object. They picture structures that allow for development and transformation and corroborate the possibility as well as the potential as an option instead of insisting on autoritarian goals and needs. Each individual subject is running through a process of continuous becoming. In the context of the exhibition the audience follows one of her narratives, follows a formal play of language and discovers a requisite that had been set aside.

Achim Lengerer

In his work, Achim Lengerer addresses the political function and impact of language and text. His long-term project “Proben zu Peter Weiss/The Trotsky Rehearsals” is based on his longtime research on the aesthetic of political talk related to the theatre play “Trotzki im Exil” (1970) by Peter Weiss (1916-1982). Weiss' play recounts the life of the marxist theorist and founder of the Red Army Leo Trotzki (1879-1940) who, in flashbacks, remembers his collaboration, the political conflicts and fights with his initial partner and later political enemy Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin. The seldom presented and almost forgotten play had been provoking political disputes in both parts of Germany already during its rehearsals and its premier in January 1970. Public reading within the exhibition: TBA

Rustan Söderling

On the other side of an alley, covered by moss and grapevines, is the entrance. Glass doors covered by ancient hieroglyphes, an ATM machine inside, free Wifi, buy 2 for 1 cup noodles, promises of various hot and cold drinks. The hub of the world and the axis around which it turns is located beyond the portal. The subterranean home of venus, goddess of desire. It has been said that this is the entry to eternal perdition. It is here that the particles are winding into one another, and worlds are created through their collision. Here the past is haunted by the present, all generations exist concurrently, all events are synchronized, each object is both itself and the metaphor for something else.

In his video installation “Tannhäuser Gate”, Rustan Söderling is showing us an apparently deserted place. Yet, rain drops on the lens are reviving the endless repitition of camera runs around objects in a subtle manner. One experiences a place that recounts of both the presence and the absence of humankind and his/her objects. A space inbetween, between past and present, vision and fiction.